This site came about after the need arose in my normal life. In my day job I managing “mega-projects” or large scale construction programs focusing on the technology integration and solutions. Typically we hold regular site-walk and observation punch walk with various parties, architects, engineers, and contractors for the acceptance of work or issue resolution during the phases of construction. These site visits are the cornerstone of a successful program and a large portion of obligation by quite a few parties.

With the onset of COVID-19 and the mandatory stay-at-home regulation we have been forced to postpone and even cancel site walk sessions, or be limited in the allowed participants we can bring together. This has come to the detriment and success of the project, and was a large issue that needed to be faced. So whats a guy to do?

Technology to the Rescue

How do I pull together the experts needed to accept the construction features in real time, without risking anyones health or safety? For this answer I look no further than the Black Lives Matter protests that have broken out mid 2020 with the unjust actions of the police forces across the nation.

With these protests comes a whole new army of livestreamers touting goPro’s, cell phones, and gimbals with large batteries running around battling the police force with the best tool they have, exposure. “I must learn more, how does this all work”

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Overall everything was simple to setup, and Jekyll makes development a breeze with the live reload and local web server enables me to get up and running on any system a simple task. Once everything is setup in the config files and the framework is laid down adding content and formatting the site is easier hands down. Having singular places to edit contend and the ability to easily add features like sidebars and menus has never been easier. Color me pink, I think I’m a fan.