Developed to showcase my various social links, blog page and any personal accomplishments I may have. This is a placeholder for everything Fr1t2 related. This is the persona I donned quite a few years ago now, back in my late teens. I love taking things apart,and for a long time there I had quite a difficult time getting them back together. One of the best ways to learn something is to break it down to it’s basic form and rebuild it. I am great at this with the added magic smoke from time to time escaping the the IC chambers. This is how I got the name, fritzing things sometimes without even touching them.

Site Development

This site was developed using the Jekyll static site generator. This was a learning process for me as I usually utilize a framework and write the HTML manually. Some of my favorite frameworks over the years have been Zurb Foundation and Twister’s Bootstrap. For this simple site I thought it would be a good chance to uses the Jekyll system.

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Example Social links

Overall everything was simple to setup, and Jekyll makes development a breeze with the live reload and local web server enables me to get up and running on any system a simple task. Once everything is setup in the config files and the framework is laid down adding content and formatting the site is easier hands down. Having singular places to edit contend and the ability to easily add features like sidebars and menus has never been easier. Color me pink, I think I’m a fan.